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What is Cache?

A cache is used to temporarily store data on your computer to improve functionality when browsing the internet. As more data is collected within the cache, you may need to remove/delete your cache within your browser for a better shopping experience.

How do I clear cache on my browser?

Depending on your browser, there are several ways to clear your cache. Please find the browser you use below and follow the instructions.

Google Chrome

With your Chrome browser open, select "Shift", "CTRL" and "Delete" on your keyboard.

On the "Clear browsing data" pop-up, select "Cached image and files".

Once selected, click "Clear browsing data".

Microsoft Internet Explorer

With your Internet Explorer browser open, select "Shift", "CTRL" and "Delete" on your keyboard.

On the "Delete Browsing History" pop-up, select "Temporary Internet files".

Once selected, click "Delete".

Mozilla Firefox

Will your FireFox browser open, click on the menu button at the top of the page and then click "Options".

Select the "Advanced" panel.

Click on the "Network" tab.

In the "Cached Web Content" section, click "Clear Now".

Click OK.